Perhaps one of the most annoying parts about shopping in any capacity is going to the store looking for a certain product, only to find they don’t have it.

Now you’ll have to wait until they restock and that could take days, weeks, or sometimes even months depending on the product. And nobody wants to wait that long to get their child a new lego set. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to your problems! In this article, we’ll tell you how you can check the stock of Walmart products before you go shopping. 

Ask Your Local Walmart

This is probably everyone’s first option and it’s a very obvious solution. You can easily find the phone number for your local Walmart, give them a call, and inquire about the availability of an item. However, if you plan on doing this, you should know that getting a hold of a sales representative may take a while.

As you know, the pandemic has made working at many stores, including e-commerce, pretty crazy and Walmart is not an exception. Therefore, when you make a call to your local Walmart, expect hold times. Additionally, you’ll want to keep some detailed information about your product on hand. A barcode number can be especially helpful for the person on the other end of the line.

Knowing the product’s barcode number can help you save time in finding out its availability.

Of course, you might be someone who doesn’t want to wait for a long hold time to figure out if that hot item is gone or night. You might have just gone to the store yourself, hoping that you’d find it. Now, you can’t find the item you’re looking for and might not even have a clue as to where it’s located in the store. 

The simple solution here is to ask a Walmart associate. Simply flag down one of the various friendly people in a blue vest and they’ll usually be able to help you. Admittedly, this is probably one of the more inefficient ways of checking Walmart’s stock as an associate or employee will have to do the legwork of tracking down the item. 

Using the Walmart Inventory Checker

Walmart actually has the tools to help you find out if the item you want is in stock or not. Simply go to and search for the item that you want. Click on one of the results and you’ll see all of the information that you’ll want. Not only does the website tell you how much is in stock online, but it’ll also tell you where it’s in stock locally! It’ll first show you the closest location to you.

But, if you click the “more delivery & pickup options” below that, the website will show you more local locations that have the item in stock. This can be great for shoppers who are looking for a specific item in their area. This is helpful for regular day-to-day shoppers that might be looking for a new toy for their kids, or it has more practical applications.

It’s great for grocery shopping, especially if you’re looking for something that’s in high demand these days. And for local sellers, you can easily see if it’s the right time to put something on Walmart’s marketplace

Walmart’s App

Walmart also has an even easier way to look for items in stock. The Walmart app has a built-in feature called “Search My Store” that allows you to search your local store for the item that you want. On top of that, it even tells you what specific aisle your item will be in and if it’s on the shelf!

This tool is most helpful for people who are going to a new Walmart store or are unfamiliar with where a certain item would be, making getting to checkout fast and easy. This app is available to both Android and iPhone users. 

How Accurate Are Walmart’s App and Website? 

The unfortunate answer here is that Walmart’s website itself is not very accurate. It is reported that the inventory numbers that are shown on the website and the app are really only updated once per day. Therefore, you might go to the store thinking you can pick up an item, only to find out it is completely out of stock. 

There is, however, the small chance that whoever updated the stock numbers miscounted. So sometimes it can be worth it to go down to the store itself and see if there’s an extra item in stock by chance. There’s also the possibility of the opposite scenario where there’s less than what the Walmart website or app says. 

Because of the inaccuracy of the website and the app, it might be more correct to say that they give you a close estimate, rather than a definitive number. There are other ways to check the inventory of Walmart though. In fact, there’s another website that arguably does it better. 

A Great Solution: Brickseek 

While using Walmart’s website can be a good way to check the stock of an item, there are other third-party websites that can help with this. In particular, is an excellent website for looking at the availability of items. A tool like the Brickseek inventory checker can be invaluable for someone who’s trying to buy locally.

Whether you’re someone who’s trying to get a particular item as a gift, or you’re a third-party seller trying to get your hands on a hot product. This website can really give you an edge for a variety of reasons that we will talk about. 

Brickseek: How Does It Work? 

The process for checking inventory availability by using Brickseek is actually a fairly simple process. We’ll walk you through it so that there’s no confusion. Your first step is to go to the Brickseek website. At the top of the webpage, you’ll see an option on the banner that says “inventory checker” hover your cursor over that option and you’ll get a drop-down menu.

From there, you’ll select Walmart and be taken to a new menu. Here you’ll be greeted by a few boxes that ask for an SKU or UPC as well as a zip code and some sorting options. If you’re new to this process or the world of shopping and selling, you might be wondering what an SKU or a UPC is. An SKU (stock-keeping unit) and UPC (universal product code) are literally just the barcodes of a product.

Using either of these will work fine. Of course, it’s unlikely that you’ll know the barcode of the product you’re searching for off the top of your head. Fear not, Brickseek actually has an SKU finder tool right above the area for product searching. Simply click on the embedded link and use the tool to search for your product and Brickessk will provide an SKU or UPC. 

Alternatively, the Walmart website does provide the SKU on a product’s page. However, it’s not the most obvious placement so we’ll tell you how to find it. When you’re on the product’s page, you’ll need to take a look at the URL on your browser. There, you’ll find a string of numbers at the very end of the URL, this is your SKU.

Once you’ve got the SKU or UPC, type them in and then type in your zip code as well. Before checking for inventory, there are some handy sorting tools that Brickseek provides. The drop-down menu right beside the zip code box allows you to sort by price, distance, or quantity. Otherwise, Brickseek will give you recommended results instead. 

Give the big blue “check inventory” button a click, it’ll search nearby Walmart locations that have your item in the store inventory. Brickseek provides a variety of information about the product and these stores. Such as store distance, the quantity of the product, price, and available deals. It’s perfect for finding the product you’re looking for.  

Is Brickseek Totally Accurate? 

It should be known that Brickseek isn’t 100% accurate all the time. Customers, sellers, and ourselves have noticed that sometimes the item we were looking for wasn’t actually at the store, despite Brickseek saying it was. These inaccuracies are usually caused by something that Brickseek can’t keep up with such as thefts, misplaced items, broken items, and other abnormalities in a Walmart stock. 

Despite that, Brickseek is still an excellent website and a great tool for sellers and shoppers alike. Additionally, Brickseek is ideal for sellers who cover a wide variety of different audiences as the website can look at the stocks for stores besides Walmart. These stores include Lowe’s, Macy’s, Home Depot, Staples, Target, and other major retailers. 

Brickseek is a great site for checking if products are in stock or not.

FAQ’s About Brickseek 

1. Why couldn’t I find the item I was looking for on Brickseek? 

As we covered already, the website isn’t totally accurate and there may be a variety of reasons that your item wasn’t available. One thing you have to remember is that Walmart is a giant retailer, therefore it’s likely that things sometimes just get misplaced in a stockroom. This is something that especially holds true during the holiday season. 

Another reason is that sometimes items that are on old display models aren’t processed correctly. If this happens, then sometimes they aren’t properly accounted for and may be reported to still be on hand. This doesn’t always happen but is definitely a possibility. 

2. How come the item at the store was a different price than on Brickseek?

This is something that is actually fairly common and there’s a good explanation for it. Upon finding your desired item, you may notice that the price is more expensive. This is when you should find the UPC number for your item. Make sure it matches the UPC number you used on Brickseek exactly. 

If there is even one number that’s different between the item and the UPC number you used, then that means the inventory counts and pricing are different than what you saw on Brickseek. But what causes this? The simple explanation is that the item with the UPC number you searched for is an older model.

The older model will likely be on clearance or on sale, meanwhile, the newer model will be sold at full price. Always make sure that the UPC number for the item you found in the store is the same as the one that you used on Brickseek. This is a very important step! And, it will ensure you find the right item at the right price. 

Why Should I Be Checking Inventories as a Seller? 

This is a question that will be on your mind, especially if you’re just starting out as an online store or automated one. You might start out by listing your products on these sites ad nauseam and wonder why these items aren’t selling and why you aren’t turning a profit. There are two important things that you should be looking for here: demand and stock. 

That’s why inventory checking via the Walmart website or Brickseek is such an important thing to be doing as a seller. By checking inventories and doing appropriate research you’ll see which items are in high demand or are low in stock. By doing this, you’ll know when you should sell your items and might even be able to do a markup in price. 

But then that begs the question: When is the best time to sell my items to Walmart? Well, the best answer would be before the store restocks. We’ll talk about that so you can better strategize your selling. 

When Does Walmart Restock? 

Walmart restocks different types of items at different times during the week. Additionally, it also depends on when delivery trucks are available and their arrival times. On top of that, each store usually has a different schedule when it comes to restocking their items. However, there are a few general rules you can be sure of. 

One of those is that most of the restocking at Walmart happens during the second and third shifts of the day. Also, when it comes to things like electronics, Walmart tends to restock about every 3-4 days. But how do you get into specifics about when certain trucks will be there? 

Unfortunately, there’s no magical website that will tell you when stores are expecting a truck delivery. At a local level, you can certainly do some legwork yourself by finding out which distributor your Walmart employs. Using that, you may be able to narrow down a restock date and time.

Also, sometimes a local Walmart employee may know when they’re getting a restock so calling or going to the store might also be a good idea. If you can’t find out when things will be restocked, it can help to check other places like Amazon

Final Verdict 

Checking the stock of Walmart is a surprisingly easy and very informative process. Walmart’s website and app provide a lot of necessary information that you will need in order to find those hot items. Additionally, third-party websites like Brickseek can do just as good of a job, if not better, than Walmart itself. Both of these options make it very easy to find your items with a few simple clicks and types of the keyboard. With these tools, you will surely be able to become a more proficient online seller.